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Let's Talk Wedding Culture

The entirety of our wedding day is filled with following countless, I mean like so many, wedding traditions that create the moments that are supposed to mark our big day. From wearing a veil, down to the finger we place our rings on. We are here for every bit of it.

But why?

Today we will briefly scrape the surface in unpacking the history of how some of our favorite traditions came to be!

Starting with your special ladies, bridesmaids. According to Ancient Rome… we don't just have our bridesmaids fitted in all similar dresses for the aesthetic. No, no, forget the aesthetic we are warding off evil spirits here!! This was believed to confuse these spirits, hence protecting the bride. After all, your girls ARE supposed to be your ride or die, right?

Your rings… we flaunt them on our left finger.. Again, why? What if my right side is my good side? Yet we keep them on this left hand as this ring finger is believed to carry a vein that runs directly to our hearts.

As for wearing a veil, some say it originated from arranged marriages… so the husband doesn't have time to run from the altar after seeing the bride come out. Thank goodness for dating app profiles, am I right?

Once upon a time, bridal bouquets were originally clusters of herbs, the strong spices were also believed to keep the evil spirits at bay. Apparently the evil spirits had a bone to pick with the bride? Today we gladly trade our wedding scent from garlic to gardenias..

Lastly, and somehow, most far fetched… a honeymoon was once a time where we followed the moon cycles. After being wed the couple would drink one moons worth of mead, an alcoholic honey drink. Now we just drink overpriced pina coladas in Cancun… oh the joys of what consumerism has given us!

Thanks for reading, and disclaimer.. I am in fact a sucker for ALL wedding traditions, no matter the origin!! :)

Signing off,


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